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Posted By: Steve Shaw
15-Oct-19 - 05:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Well, Stanron, at 07.06am today I gave you a quote that I was honest enough not to edit to my advantage. Since I did that you've said that you wouldn't look at it ("first four words...") and, later, you quoted from it selectively ("The Home Office said increases in hate crime over the last five years have been mainly driven by improvements in crime recording by the police..."), dishonestly failing to continue the quote which referred to the referendum and the terrorist attacks.

I said you were in denial, and all your posts today confirm that. You make things worse by rattling on about "proof," which no-one else is doing. So here's the thing. The referendum leave campaign, cheer-led by the PM you support, dishonestly whipped up xenophobia about EU citizens with a poster promoted by his biggest ally that depicted refugees of colour, not EU jobseekers. His main slogan was about taking back control of our borders, which meant keeping foreigners out. Compounding this, your leave cheerleader has a long history of racism (piccaninnies, watermelon smiles, letterboxes, bank robbers), of homophobia (tank-topped bum boys) and of misogyny (hot totty, tottymeter, pat her on the bum and send her on her way, naturally fickle women, vote Tory and your wife will grow bigger breasts, blubbing blondes). That's your man, Stan. And argue all you like that all that stuff has nothing to do with hate crime. Well he may protest that he doesn't actively support hate crime, and he may be right. But he is the prime minister, and, as such, he is one of the leading setters of the agenda in this country. I can't prove, and don't want to, that his agenda and woeful past history has exacerbated hate crime. But your lament that we can't "prove" it is just laughable.
If the PM of this country serially acts in a thuggish and boorish manner, most sentient beings would conclude that some of that is bound to rub off and steer the whole ethos of the country in the direction of crude philistinism.