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Posted By: robomatic
17-Oct-19 - 03:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: War of the Worlds film by the BBC (2018)
Subject: RE: BS: War of the Worlds film by the BBC (2018)
Yikes.... Okay Keb, I've only seen the first episode. Ogilvy is played by a nice character actor Robert Carlyle. He's got the good natured pumpkin face of the guy who thinks the girl is his until she meets the protagonist. Anyway, I didn't see that he got 'deaded' (to use Bluebottle's phrase). The writers/ directors brought in another non-Wells character named Stent to act all huffy and get burned up limb by limb as the Martians' true nature reveals itself. On the other hand imdb only lists Robert Carlyle for one episode, therefore for all intents and purposes, he's toast.

The show has good coloration, good CGI quality but bad effects, and does this irritating time shift between the events of the invasion and the after-effects of a destroyed landscape with people mucking uselessly about. It's a sort of "Downton Abbey meets Independence Day which settles into Years and Years".

Among the many irritancies the first Martian 'meteorite' is a great sphere (instead of H.G. Wells' cylinder) and all the human characters are for some reason shoveling dirt aimlessly in front of it- WTF? And then the effect with the sphere is anti-gravitational and rather stupid, it evaporates into confetti.

Thumbing through imdb came up with a new entry for WOTW (without THE definite article) which is supposed to come out soon be 8 episodes and take a European-like view of the theme only with Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern (Downton Abbey!)

I'm gonna include the blurb:
In January 2019 Hollywood Reporter announced that Hereditary star Gabriel Byrne and Downton Abbey actress Elizabeth McGovern will head the ensemble cast of War of the Worlds, a new television re-imagining of the H.G. Wells sci-fi classic, created by veteran British writer Howard Overman (Misfits, Atlantis). Lea Drucker (Le Bureau des legendes), Natasha Little (Silent Witness), Daisy Edgar Jones (Cold Feet), Stephane Caillard (Genius), Adel Bencherif (The Prophet) and Guillaume Gouix (The Returned) have also signed on to star in the eight-part series, which Urban Myth Films is producing. Shooting on the series has already begun in the U.K. and France. Gilles Coulier (De Dag) and Richard Clark (Versailles) are directing.