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Thread Name: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
Subject: RE: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
Took the cork from the first bottle, had a little drink.
Kissed the bottle tenderly then poured it down the sink
Uncorked the second, did the same as before
Before he poured it down the sink, he drank a little more.
Uncorked the third and then gave a little toast
Tae the losing of the ten friends he really liked the most.
Stood to attention had another little drink
Threw the cork in the bucket and the whisky down the sink
The fourth drink was different as the glass was very slack
So he held it down with one hand as he knocked the bottler back
The next three bottles they were very quickly swilled
As I uncorked them each and only drank a gill
The next bottle hurt because the cork was very tight
The room was going round and round which didn't help me plight
I fought to gain me balanced as I leaned against the wall
I couldn't sort myself from the damned thing at all
I tried to count the empties as the Dancer before me eyes
I'd only counted 23 when much to my surprise
There were 10 sinks of whisky, every one uncorked
The drain at the bottom it was very badly blocked
Then I heard me Wife as on the door she knocked
I fell in the bathtub and drank the bloody lot

Hampshire imlach often said whisky improves with age. The older he got, the more he liked it