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Posted By: Jack Campin
23-Oct-19 - 05:04 AM
Thread Name: String gauge question
Subject: String gauge question
Somebody out there must have a string gauge calculator. I've never used one.

I have two cümbüşes - 12-string fretless banjos. One is the standard Turkish size and stays in the standard Turkish tuning. The other is a bit smaller (probably made for schools around 1950, recently refurbed by a first-rate banjo maker who put a natural skin on it) and I want to put it a tone down to play at Arabic pitch level. But it feels like I need heavier strings to get adequate pitch stability and stronger tone. What should I use? Can somebody calculate the gauges for me?

Scale length 46cm.

Pitches I want: lowest pair G below middle C (same as violin G). Above that, paired and going up in fourths: AA DD GG cc ff.

Currently I have it in an alternate tuning with CC instead of AA - not as playable but a lot more stable.

They need to be loop end, not sure who can do that.