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Posted By: Steve Shaw
25-Oct-19 - 06:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit #3: A futile gesture?
Excellent leader in The Guardian. Extracts:

Boris Johnson is the playground bully of British politics. He acts as if he is prime minister with a majority in parliament when in fact he has no majority. Because he cannot govern in that way with parliament, he has tried instead to govern against parliament. The delusion that he can do as he pleases led him to try to prorogue parliament this autumn – a bluff that was called by the supreme court. It then led him to concoct a fantasy legislative agenda by commissioning a Queen’s speech, though none of its measures will ever become law. Now he is trying to make his Brexit withdrawal bill conditional on the Commons agreeing to a general election in December. This proposal, like all the others before it, is merely another bluff, and parliament should duly call it...

...Mr Johnson’s Thursday gambit should not be accepted. There is no pressing need for a general election until parliament has resolved its position on Brexit, if necessary by amending the withdrawal agreement bill. That may be only a few sitting days away. But Mr Johnson has absolutely no right to hold a gun to parliament’s head in the meantime. It is for parliament, as a whole, to make a decision about a general election once the core business of this parliament, Brexit, is completed. That time is not now. MPs should insist on doing first things first.

And Corbyn is the one leader who is insisting that there must be no chance of no-deal before consent is given for an election. The SNP have their own agenda. They want an election now if not sooner because they know that they'll wipe out the Tories in Scotland and that brexit will strengthen their hand in getting an independence referendum. The LibDems want an election because they calculate that they'll get more seats than last time and will probably hold the balance of power. In my view, Labour's position is by far the. OST responsible one.