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Posted By: Rapparee
28-Oct-19 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
I remembered this post....

Subject: From Max: State of the Union Address
From: Max - PM
Date: 11 May 06 - 10:43 PM

I've got to tell you, I'm sick and tired of some of the crap that I've seen lately.

Martin Gibson: you have to pack up and go. Your knowledge and contributions are valuable, and it's a shame that your sociopathy prevents us from hosting you or taking you seriously anymore.

Shambles: I just don't care anymore. You press your point, time after time, until you press too far and then complain about the check. You do this purposefully to prove a point, but in the end, you are a distraction from the real point of this site. You too, should bid farewell.

Joe: Do I need to separate you two?

Americans: We're losing to the Limey's. I attempt to lure American Folk artists, historians, archivists and enthusiasts to the Mudcat, and am repeatedly rejected because the Mudcat is now viewed as an UK Folk Forum. I don't blame the UK'ers, nor wish them to change anything they are doing, however, I'd like a nice balance so not to alienate either.

Members/Users: We've never had a worse year as far as contributions. I am footing the bill for over 50% of the expenses year-to-date. We have maybe a dozen folks that contribute on any sort of consistent basis. I'd like to refuse any further contribution from these folks, because I feel they carry a burden that they need not if I did my job right. I would like to see a whole new set of folks step up to the plate and get us through a month or more. Remember, it does not need to come out of your pocket. We have an international community of like-people here. Items that one may have and not need or want no longer can find a happy home in our auction. You can host a sing and put a tip bucket out. There are a million things you can think of to support this site and it's purpose.   Nude calendars, recipes, blackmail…

Max: You need to keep this site running smoothly. These downtimes and outages are unacceptable for a real Website. We want reliability and we want you to fix the duplication and miss-ordered threads. Most importantly, you need a better backup system to ensure we won't lose any of this valuable resource.

Jeff: I want the related threads to be in a drop down box. For that matter, I'd like the thread posting summary in a drop down as well.

Everyone: She ain't what she used to be. We'll never get it back. This site should be about our eclectic interest in old-time traditional music from all over the world. Our local communities don't have a lot to offer us as far as merchandise and community, so we go to the Mudcat. We should welcome the newbies. We should covet the information we have now and strive to collect more. We should use this place to meet each other, organize and/or promote events. Please, don't forget the good of such a place.

To those of you who aren't around so much anymore: Give us another shot, please.