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Posted By: Steve Shaw
01-Nov-19 - 02:06 PM
Thread Name: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Subject: RE: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
We're having bacon and three-bean risotto tonight. I'll use about half chicken stock and half veg-boiling water, which I won't salt. The "three beans" are a variable feast. Tonight it will be 150g each of broad beans, sugar snap peas and peas. They get boiled first in enough water to give me about 400 ml water, and I'll have to use an organic stock pot this time as I haven't got any stock in the freezer. I need around 700 ml on standby. I put a big knob of butter in my cast-iron small casserole and fry about 100g snipped streaky bacon or pancetta until almost crisp. Then I add about three chopped banana shallots and fry for another five minutes. Into that goes a few sprigs of fresh thyme and about 275g of risotto rice. I turn up the heat and add a small glass of white wine. After this toasting of the rice I add the hot stock.

Now here's the cheat. I add the stock all at once. That much rice needs about 600 ml of stock, keeping a bit in reserve. Season (easy on salt) stir like mad, bring to a gentle simmer and put the lid on for fourteen minutes. Drink the rest of that bottle (share). When time is up remove the lid and stir really vigorously for at least two energetic minutes. Test for al dente. When you're happy, add the cooked veg, a big grating of fresh Parmesan cheese, some chopped fresh parsley and either a big knob of butter or two tablespoons of full-fat creme fraiche. You may need a bit of extra stock, depending on how you like your risotto. Stir and allow to sit off the heat for a few minutes. As long as you've done that vigorous stirring, it will be just as good as a risotto made the laborious way.