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Posted By: Raedwulf
06-Nov-19 - 05:01 PM
Thread Name: Info: GrafSpee (Molsky's Mtn Drifters)
Subject: RE: Info: GrafSpee (Molsky's Mtn Drifters)
Having had a little (inconclusive) hunt around of my own, Joe, I'd say your "misheard" explanation is both entirely reasonable & probably the most likely explanation. I can't think of any reason why a Midwest folk tune would have anything whatsoever to do with either the ship or the admiral it was named after.

And yes, of course it's still a Mondie. If one misheard word in an entire song is, why shouldn't the title be for an instrumental? From wiki's entry on Mondies,

A number of misheard lyrics have been recorded, turning a mondegreen into a real title. The song "Sea Lion Woman", recorded in 1939 by Christine and Katherine Shipp, was performed by Nina Simone under the title, "See Line Woman". According to the liner notes from the compilation A Treasury of Library of Congress Field Recordings, the correct title of this playground song might also be "See [the] Lyin' Woman" or "C-Line Woman". Jack Lawrence's misinterpretation of the French phrase "pauvre Jean" ("poor John") as the identically pronounced "pauvres gens" ("poor people") led to the translation of La Goualante du pauvre Jean ("The Ballad of Poor John") as "The Poor People of Paris", a hit song in 1956.