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Posted By: Charmion
06-Nov-19 - 09:12 PM
Thread Name: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
Subject: RE: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
My ears make a noise (discernible only to me) like a forest full of cicadas. The worst part is that I can’t quite figure out if they’re zinging on a discord in the area of G, or perhaps F. Most days I’m okay with that. Today, not so much.

My family has a kind of hereditary deafness that is probably sneaking up on me. Already, at age 65, I can’t tolerate amplified music or crowd noise at all, and by age 75 (if I live that long) I could well be as deaf as an adder, except in a quiet room with one source of sound. My father liked to listen to me sing alone and unaccompanied, but add one other source, such as an accompanying piano or guitar, and it all became a slush of racket to him.

Of course, hearing aids do nothing for a situation like that.