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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
08-Nov-19 - 02:49 PM
Thread Name: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
Subject: RE: BS: hearing loss, tinnitus
Ha-ha Donuel! I'll put one of those on my Christmas list! Several people have suggested I use a stick, but don't how that could help in the event of a sudden attack of severe rotatory vertigo.
Somebody did suggest I go round in a Sumo suit!

I have had surgery in the past: saccus endolymphaticus drainage, to get rid of that excess endolymphatic fluid that supposedly builds up pressure until it bursts and you then get your dizzy turn as the fluid leaks out. First time was 1977, worked for 2 years, bur drainage tube the blocked: same again in 1979, again worked for 2 years. 1981 was the good one which worked for 34 years: preserved my hearing, stopped the dizziness, reduced the tinnitus to mild background only. That was until 2 years ago, when it all started up again. I had naively assumed it would just be a matter of getting the drainage tube revised, but no, "we don't do that any more - it's been shown to be no better than placebo" - WHAT??? Now it's down to steroid injections through the ear drum under local anaesthetic which has helped the dizziness, up to a point, but no effect on either hearing or tinnitus!