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Posted By: Donuel
10-Nov-19 - 08:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: in the beginning and now
Subject: BS: in the beginning and now
In a moment of inspiration/epiphaney I saw that the big bang was so dense that time was at a near standstill similar to what we see near super massive black holes today. What we call inflation today looks like the universe suddenly popped into existence in no time. Well it did because time was virtually stopped by the unimaginable density.
This ( my/Occams Razor,) view of the big bang is not recognized by mainstream comologists to my surprise. This expansion of the universe eventually gave way to what we see as a steady expansion that has slowly evolved into a more accelerated expansion of the universe in the recent billions of years.

I interpreted this as an effect of the growing number of black holes that act like small regional partial big bangs and is respondsible for the dark energy that pushes space in an acceleration BECAUSE black holes have the ability to transform matter into space. This is quite different from stars transforming matter into energy.

So the universe expanded in no time at first and went along steadily and now again is speeding up.

A small boy from England grew up with an inquisitiv mind and has now shown how matter can turn into space inside black holes. His name is Roger Penrose. Its fair to say he is unpopular in some circles.

This is part of his contribution that causes me to see that a transformation of matter into more spacetime is a possibility.

This is not as hard as it may first seem. Just add an extra step of the transformed matter energy tunneling out of BHs in the form of space energy and the question of WHAT IS DARK ENERGY becomes something simple to understand.

In the beginning something did not come from nothing
it came from something, partially like the black holes that create more space, and may be the elusive dark energy which is the cosmological question of our time.

The ultimate Black Hole may be the big bang

The future is unknown as to if all matter will ever be drawn to a single point again if everything continues to accelerate apart, but it looks doubtful. It looks like we are in a one shot universe.
Cosmological reincarnaion does not look like it has a chance here. That may be up to a different universe in the multiple universe.