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Posted By: Mr Red
14-Nov-19 - 05:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: UK - Rain 2019
Subject: RE: BS: UK - Rain 2019
Now, let me see. Suppose the globe is, as an average over the surface, and over a few years, a wee bit warmer. Someone must have done the data collection, and those who haven't please shut up for a bit.

Now suppose that a warmer world, which is covered more by water, is going to evaporate more of the wet stuff. Now suppose that this evaporate can't increase forever. Now tell me, what will it do, as its mass increases (or did I mean weight?). That's the gravity of the situation.

Yes, yes, it is only 0.5 oC (or is it 0.6?) more right now, at a time when the earth's precession (or should I say wobble/oval orbit?) would point us into a cooler era. But who is it to say that such a teensy weensy bit of difference is going to reek havoc with this weather wot we are seeing? Mind you - who is to say, on the spectrum of havoc, what we could yet see?

Heads in the sand anyone? I fear there may be much more of that medium in years to come. So some of us should be right at home then.

Animals have always affected their environment, and the naked ape is more affecting and more numerous. And more partial to a silicon dioxided pate.