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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
08-Dec-19 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life - 2019

2 weeks to figure out what to do with pottery! Working on concocting something to hold a shower curtain over the antique tub with stupid shower that one holds in hand and sprays water everywhere. Maybe today we will agree on method; R is out looking for parts! A commercial one runs $400-$600!

The stove is almost installed - the cost broke my bank! R still needs to get the rusted in screws out; will prob have o drill them out. He cleaned it up yesterday and the dust made me feel lousy before I realized what what happening. Then we discovered the new chimney liner, open into the room until stove is installed tried to suck a tissue up - What did I say about our hot air going up the chimney!! Stuck a piece of "paper" from a store bought plant - shaped like a pot - into the hole! Works! Of course I had not thrown it out; never know when something will come in handy! We are looking forward to a first fire, maybe even tonight. I will go elsewhere while he drills!

Brugmansia, "Bruggie", is like having a pet! We check its condition every morning. After all blossoms fell and most leaves, it is burgeoning, with tons of new leaves and more than 20 buds of varying sizes. One blossom opened almost a week ago; I wish I had kept a log of progress. But judging by that, we will have a few new blooms by the time family arrives! I believe this is the most exciting plant I have had. The next time it takes a break, I will need to cut it back about 6-12 inches all the way around, lest it burst the walls! Well... outgrow its space. It has earned its keep, and the $25 I spent!

The hibiscus gets turned a bit each day to maximize its south window. It used up its blooms and is now gathering leaves at tips of each of many branches. I keep an eye on its progress , wondering when... So much pleasure for $5! On the lighter side, I am propagating geraniums and spider plants. I offer spider plants to anyone. If all else fails, I can take them to the horticultural society plant sale. OR give a couple to the Thrift shop from whence I acquired the first two for 25cents each. Currently, there is one to three in each room!

I cut back the tomato plants in the LR and put cuttings in a vase - to see if they will root. The parents are still in good shape and will go outside in May - even if I have to cut them back severely to get them outside. African violets are resting and not proliferating. YAY! Plant care is a daily task I enjoy!

The rest of the house is doing OK. We need to decide where to bed down one grandson. We thought the TV room but realize there are two other options - only requiring a bed be placed and we do have a bed to place. This home will always be in transition! I sit here thinking about what needs we will have with four extra bodies - places to sit and read, computer (everyone will have one!), food...

The three engineers (budding and current) will enjoy visiting R's vast collection of used machinery. And the family will be visiting Taun's old haunts from when he was growing up in Montreal. Doubt we shall need to entertain them. Thankfully!

Friends came last Sunday and took away a few pots. And offered me another piece of furniture - a spool bed couch that I once made a cover for the mattress -40 years ago! And yesterday, we stopped by the local thrift shop, finding naught to buy but, on leaving, the spot where they put things they consider unsalable netted us an antique bureau, just the size we wanted to finish the guest room! Missing one drawer pull - R has a collection - and a piece of bottom for one drawer, easy to fix. WOW!