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Posted By: Pete from seven stars link
12-Dec-19 - 03:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: in the beginning and now
Subject: RE: BS: in the beginning and now
While it is true that any experiment done in the present is then immediately in the past , that is not the point is it . The experiments done in the present , and even in the recent past, are observed , verified, and recorded. Granted, there have been frauds, and many ‘peer review’ have initially slipped through the net, and been passed. Who knows how many have not been uncovered . But , back to evolution, whatever has been concluded from anything from the far past, not observed, and recorded, carries with it the the bias , and conditioning of the researcher, which often a priori excludes other explanations                “Science can do radio carbon ...”      indeed it can , but only by making assumptions about past conditions do they arrive at whatever date , and if they don’t like the date , they reject it and try another method , and if they can’t get the result they want , they can put it down to the continuous development of science