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Posted By: GUEST,Ray
13-Dec-19 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: Tech: PA goes berserk
Subject: RE: Tech: PA goes berserk
Paul White is well known but I think his book pre-dates digital mixers. The principles are the same but the way you do things in the digital world is different.

One of the reasons digital mixers are cheaper is because they have fewer knobs - i.e. a knob and a button access umpteen functions rather than everything having its own knob on an analogue system. Ultimately, it can make things a bit harder to do on the fly. If you check out the QSC link I posted above, you’ll find that you can download the instruction manuals which make excellent bedtime reading!

For ultimate on-stage anarchy, have a look at some of the largely knobless souncraft mixers. They generate their own website and, using bluetooth, you can control them with your iPad or iPhone. Not only that but every member of the band can access this on their own device and spend a happy set turning each other up and down!