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Posted By: Mr Red
15-Dec-19 - 09:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: Don't be ashamed of impeachment
Subject: RE: BS: Don't be ashamed of impeachment
I can't see any connection between Trump and the English election

You don't have 2020 vision!

Austria, Marine le Pen, the warmonger in Turkey, Putin has been around for many stolen elections and many other movements to be taken into account. The angry mob are in the ascendancy, it is a worldwide phenomenon.

You have to look up, not in. And sideways isn't a bad policy either. There is a lot of trouble out there beyond the blinkers.

We are living in interesting times, predicting the future is always fraught, but recently unwise. But it shouldn't stop you being wary. Yet it does obviously.

If you thought global warming had no effect think again. We are heading for a car crash and we know it! We are ALL taking what we can before there is none.

Except, possibly, you and me, and I am not so sure about you!:)