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16-Dec-19 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020 - Workshop Signup
Subject: RE: SF Camp Harmony 2019-2020 - Workshop Signup
The Ceilidh is dead, long live The House Party.

Using an Irish word for it's name led many people to think i twas a Celtic event and there was no place for them if they didn't practice a Celtic art.

Indeed I was inspired by a Celtic ceilidh i witnessed in Aberdeen, so i kept the word ceilidh. But the word "ceillidh" means "together." My dream was an event that would draw the whole camp together under one roof: Celtoids, Swing kats, Dancers of every stripe,Old-timers, Songsmiths, Protesters, Nueve Cancion canters, Storytellers, Bluesers, CountryWetern singers, Francophones, Yiddophiles, the gamut of things that make up Camp Harmony. But many thought is just celtic stuff. Ironically a word that means together kept us a part.

So -- The House Party

A few words for those who haven't attended before. The House Party is an attempt to replicate an old fashioned party where neighbors gather and entertain each other with their own "party peices." One person tells a story, another sings a country song, someone has a good joke, a fiddler plays a lively tune, the rug is rolled up and dancing breaks out, a ballad singer holds forth, a banjo player breaks down, a blueser wails and moans till we all feel better, drinking songs are belted out, rounds go around, someone sings a new song she's written, yo-yo tricks are displayed, Yoyo Ma is impersonated, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The event is unplanned. The "man of the house" (that being me, but one of these times maybe someone would like to step in) calls on his talented guests following the flow of the moment. It's all improv. If there were a plan it just would be another talent show. I welcome people to tell me they want to be called so i know who's willing and able, I may approach you during the day before and ask if you would to be called. But there are no promises made in either case, the spontaneity is what makes it .....

The House Party