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18-Dec-19 - 05:40 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Bring us in Good Ale / Bring Us Good Ale
Subject: RE: Origins: Bring us in Good Ale
Hi, Mo - Sandra in Sidney beat you to it (and it's in the Digital Tradition now), but I think it's wise to post a copy in this thread, so it can be found.

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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
01-Jan-03 - 08:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: A proper cup of tea: nothing like it!
Subject: Lyr Add: BRING US IN HOT TEA (Kipper)

A tea song!! from the immortal Kipper family (the following is pasted from an e-mail so I hope it is ok)

The following words are taken from "Since Time Immoral: the Kipper Family Song Book" - published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society in 1986 (ISBN 0 85418 149)
The Kipper Family are allegedly from the Trunch region of Norfolk, England. Norfolk and good!

the material is copyright by R. Nudds and C. Sugden.

This is what Henry says of the song, Bring Us In Hot Tea:

I got this here song off my wife, Mrs. Dot Kipper. Tha’s Sid's mother, we think. Every Wednesday afternoon she go off to the local Women's Bright Hour, at the Village Hall, and all the women in the village sit there drinking tea, pot after pot. One week Dot come home the worse for it - she'd had one pot too many, and she was in a right state. I'm rather ashamed to say I took advantage of her - like I say, I got this here song off her.


Bring us in no rum, for tha's a drink for sailors,
But bring us in hot tea, for that will never fail us.

So bring us in hot tea, hot tea, and bring us in hot tea
That's what the blessed ladies make, so bring us in hot tea.

Bring us in no cider, for that will send us reeling,
But bring us in hot tea, Earl Grey, Ceylon or Darjeeling.

Bring us in no white wine for that don't cure no hot thirst,
But bring us in hot tea, and be sure to warm the pot first.

Bring us in no snaps, for they are made with brandy,
But bring us in hot tea, and a strainer would be handy.

Bring us in no gin, for that was mother's ruin,
But bring us in hot tea, and put a lump or two in.

Bring us in no home brew, we're not inclined to risk it,
But bring us in hot tea, oh, and all right, just one biscuit.

We'll drink no beer at Christmas, the good book tells the tale,
So bring us in hot tea, for the angels said, "No ale".

Students of folklore will recognise this song as a relative (parody) of Bring Us In Good Ale where the chorus is:

Bring us in good ale, good ale
Bring us in good ale
For our Blessed Lady's sake,
Bring us in good ale.

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