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Posted By: Jim Dixon
19-Dec-19 - 08:30 AM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: The Pill (Matt McGinn)^^^
Subject: Lyr Add: BRIDGET'S PILL (from Christy Moore)
Christy Moore recorded this under a different title and somewhat different lyrics than those posted by Jim Carroll above:

As recorded by Christy Moore on "The Box Set: 1964-2004" (2004)

Now Bridget O'Reilly was a fine strappin' girl.
Her skin was like ivory; her teeth were like pearls.
All the boys chased her in vain till one day
She went and got married to Barney O'Shea.
To me fall the diddle dare-o tie air-o tie ay. [After each verse.]

And after nine months, to their pride and joy,
Along came a baby, a fine strappin' boy.
After three years, they'd two boys and a girl.
How to clothe them and feed them made Bridget's head whirl.

So she went to the priest, in great desperation
Because of this process of constant gestation.
Sayin': "Father, this business is makin' me ill.
Would it be a sin if I went on the pill?"

Well, the priest heard her story, and when he had heard it,
To higher authority, perplexed, he referred it.
Oh, the bishops were baffled, the cardinals, too.
No one could tell Bridget just what she should do.

Two years they debated with holy profundity
What should be done about Bridget's fecundity,
But by now her family amounted to five.
She scarcely was able to keep them alive.

Well, they gave due attention to points theological,
To points philosophic and physiological,
Till in desperation, the Pope said: "Oh, sod!
There's only one thing to do: I'll have to ask God."

So he sent him a letter in the three-penny post
On papal notepaper, addressed: "Holy Ghost,"
Sayin': "Send me your answer in double-quick time.
You can get me at home; just ring VAT 69."

Well, the answer it came and the Pope he announced it.
Oral contraception, he strongly denounced it.
All medical means to prevent procreation
Were banned under pains of eternal damnation.

Now the church is in ferment, in great trepidation
Lest such thoughts they might spread to the whole congregation.
They've recorded an LP to prevent a schism
By the pope and the hierarchy, called: "I Got Rhythm."