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Posted By: Mr Red
22-Dec-19 - 07:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Does your chewing gum lose your DNA...
Subject: RE: BS: Does your chewing gum lose your DNA...
I learned that DNA is used quite a lot to identify criminals (serious crimes that is)

Not necessarily serious crimes any more. In the UK the police have a right to take samples for DNA once you have been charged. There was a case where a man in prison was known (99% ish) to have committed a crime and the police were unable to take samples in prison. Only after his release, and formally charge could they get a sample. Not sure it has happened yet.

Then there was the cold case of a serial rapist (one shoe taken as a trophy). They trawled through the database for familial matches and came up with a woman who had been in a police station for a minor offence (maybe a dropped charge even!). When asked if she had a brother, she admitted she had, and rang her brother not knowing reasons. By the time the police got to him, he had hung himself, and a subsequent search found ladies' shoes under the floorboards.

AFAIK you have to be charged for the police to take samples unless you allow it. But if the charge is dropped, you have a great deal of effort to get the DNA taken off the record, if at all. If the charge is not dropped, no chance.

Drunk driving would qualify.