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Posted By: Mr Red
27-Dec-19 - 09:33 AM
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It will be trickier if renewal payments cannot be drawn from a UK bank.

Not sure about audit trail, but I pay via credit card and would have thought that was common. There would be exchange rates.

Given there are many people providing many things on the web, I would bet there are convenience addresses for these things. There must be hundreds of peeps in the same situation. Some willing to pay "effectively twice", just as the OPer has decided with the .uk TLD.
If there is profit, services are usually to be found.

Is the same kind of rule applicable to .uk for foreigners?

The effective problem with changing domain names is broken links. You can trawl for any on websites, there are websites that do it for you. Getting webmeisters to update may be a problem. But all those surfers who have put you on their favourites are potential broken links, worth thinking about! Worth money to commercial sites, hence suggestions above.

Well lookye here

The only details required to meet this restriction is a valid European Union address.
If no European Union address can be provided then our agency service can be used and the domain will be registered on your behalf.

Best of luck.