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Posted By: Donuel
30-Dec-19 - 07:41 AM
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That is a very heavy footnote way to go to establish a fact.
On a different not
I recall going to Times Square for New Years eve on a break from the NYT. It had different acoustic amateur bands and music groups every 30 feet or so. Now it is full of guns and a dozeb differnt special forces.
I went to Thurdgood Marshall Airport (now BWI) and saw assault rifles on display for the first time. I gave a ride to a synagoge and saw armed police on display. I frequent gas stations, malls, grocery stores and art stores, each are former sites of shootings or mass killings.

These are factual observations but it is editorial to say that I am witnessing a breakdown of American civilization.
Fact or not, it is happening with each and every shooting no matter how vigilent a police response may be.

People seem to hate thier neighbor

A war of armed cultural hate is underway, fact or not, attested by the bodies that are removed quickly and forgotten.