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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
07-Jan-20 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: Types of folk music you like or dislike
Subject: Types of folk music you like or dislike
On another thread we were discussing source singers. Rather than clutter up that thread with these questions, here they are!

Do you like and listen to recordings of the source singers?I
Do you prefer revival and present day singers?
Do you like songs accompanied or unaccompanied?
Do you like traditional, contemporary or both?
What about electric folk?
Dance music, social or ritual?

I'm sure many more will come up over the course of the discussion but please do not turn this into another what is folk music thread! I'll kick off.

I have listened to quite a lot of source singers and even seen one perform. I think we can get a lot from them and they have input a lot into the folk world we see today but I find some of the material not to my taste.

I enjoy most revival singers a lot more easily. I'm not sure why this is. Maybe because they have updated (the folk process!) the songs to suit today's ear? This could also explain changing trends in any genre.

I do enjoy unaccompanied song when it is well done. I do prefer, in the main, accompanied or harmony performances though. This is possibly because I like the music more than the lyrics. I'm not greatly into poetry either.

I am not concerned if the song was written yesterday or a thousand years ago as long as it is good music!

I love electric folk and other derivations such as adding brass like Bellowhead or Brass Monkey did.

My favourite, saved till last of course :-), is dance music. Both social and ritual. I must add though that ritual dance music, for me, is best accompanied by ritual dance :-)

Ok. Enough from me for now. Over to you...