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Posted By: robomatic
08-Jan-20 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: What's the weather like where you are?
Subject: RE: What's the weather like where you are?
We're in the midst of a below normal coldspell, which for Anchorage is below zero Fahrenheit (-18 C). It might get to -20F (-30 C) tonight. Parts of the State to the north will get far colder.
Since we have a decent amount of snow on the ground, there is little danger of public pipes freezing, which can happen with very low temperatures penetrating the ground with no snow to act as insulation. I have met someone who had a tenant from the lower 48, tenant took a break and to save money, shut the boiler off, little knowing this could lead to heat pipes freezing, busting, and house flooding.
Other than the low level of degrees, weather is clear and sharp, well worth a hike in the hills to the west. People drive up to the trailhead, often with dogs, and there are as many on thick tire bikes as on skis. Traction is good and hiking no problem. Just three weeks ago it was way too warm, and we had the second of two meltdowns. Hiking then involved bits of trail that was frozen or covered with glare ice. In this case we have provided ourselves with kah-too-las, a brand of hiking crampon which provide safety from slipping. My driveway was clear just the day before Christmas.

Now we're full in God's great fridge. The days are short but they are beginning to increase after equinox and I think we are insensibly aware of this and gaining cheer from the brainstem up.