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Posted By: Joe Offer
18-Jan-20 - 01:52 PM
Thread Name: What other people think - Best Folk Song
Subject: RE: What other people think - Best Folk Song
I think there's an ultimate futility in any attempt to find the "best" in music. The Folk Alley list is a recipe for a pretty good night of singing, but we all would alter the list with other songs we like better. If it's my turn to pick a song at a singaround, I tend to pick something people don't sing all the time, but something they can sing together easily - not necessarily a "best" song, but a song that best fits the particular situation.
I think it's a matter of what seems to work right for the occasion, rather than a list of "bests." I suppose that most singarounds I go to, have a majority of songs that were written in the last half-century, with a mix of a few more historic songs. Even "traditional" singarounds have a good number of songs that were recently written. We have fun, so why not?