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Posted By: khandu
20-Jan-20 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
I am befuddled and bedazzled. More on that later.
Bee-dud, I am in awe of your knowledge of feral piiigs! You astound me, as you have always astounded me. Perhaps astonish is more fitting. Amaze, hmm, naw, astonish.
Nonetheless, I do think that had I ordered a muuurder of piiigs, the results would have been the same. It would have, according to the 3-vowel-rule, been proper to do so, yet equally as deadly. This is why I have the hanging head. Some things just have no good solution.
As to the freds, no, there was no edict as such. There was, if you recall, as I stated last Eve, a "long-standing, unspoken, understanding". Surely, you remember us not speaking of it. We didn't speak of it constantly in your presence. I clearly remember several times it was unspoken. I also remember your not I not correct?

Now that we have settled that (permanently, I trust), on to my bedazzlement and my befuddlement...
It is my understanding that guest cannot post "below the line" as they say, in the .BS section. One must be a member to post down here.
Yet, clear as transparent dookie, there us a post by a " guest: freds"!
With that, I believe this is an imposter trying to get me to thinks freds will do my bidding when the reality of it is that freds never want to do my bidding! Nay! They only want to suck out my natural vitality and strength, leaving me a helpless and hopeless mass of gelatinous goo, as I have seen them do to people like Harry Lee Wigley and Sheeny Knause. You recall them? How long has it been since you heard of them? Huh?
Nay, this poster is an imposter. But how did he post as a guest where no guest may post?
I am not a god but I am agog.