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Posted By: MoorleyMan
23-Jan-20 - 07:24 PM
Thread Name: Just Voices Singers’ Session – Hunslet (Yorks.)
Subject: RE: Just Voices Singers’ Session – Hunslet (Yorks.)
Yes Jimmy, good to hear from you after all this time, and many thanks for your constructive comments and good wishes.

Sure, I am (and always have been) aware of the continuing and well established Abbey session, although I've not been for awhile due to a combination of travel problems (it's actually pretty awkward of access from this side of the bridge!) and health issues (and I don't just mean old age!..).

But there are two important points in your argument.
First, when Just Voices was started (in 2014), every effort was made to AVOID a clash with any specific, known clubs or sessions that were any LESS regular than weekly, and views were sought from likely attendees on that score.
Since the Abbey is weekly and Just Voices is only monthly, then, I would kindof expect that anyone interested and able to travel to Hunslet would make it to Just Voices (instead of the Abbey, say) on just that monthly - occasional - basis. I would have done so in that situation if I were seeking a change, at least sometimes. Variety being the spice of life etc... But that doesn't seem to have happened - and that's what puzzles me. If I wished, taken over a typical month, I could go to four or five different sessions/clubs on a Tuesday - but inevitably things like bad weather, travel disruption etc get in the way and spoil plans and it's not always possible to change one's arrangements or routes at the last minute!

Second, you suggest a Wednesday as an alternative slot for Just Voices that you imply would be preferred by Abbey regulars who may well venture along. I agree, there are fewer clubs and sessions on a Wednesday hereabouts, but our current Just Voices venue already hosts a session on that night (that was another reason for our taking the Tuesday option when we were forced to move from Birstall when the pub closed down).

Having said all that, it would be good to "CUJimmy" at Just Voices, you would be very welcome to come and share your songs.