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Posted By: Senoufou
27-Jan-20 - 09:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pumpkin vs sweet potato pie
Subject: RE: BS: Pumpkin vs sweet potato pie
I noticed in the supermarkets last year, just before Halloween, an unusually large number of different species of pumpkin-type gourds. Big orangey-yellow ones, gigantic white ones, and all sorts of rather beautiful wrinkly, patterned and ridged greenish ones, some quite tiny. Very interesting, but I've no idea what their names are. We always pick a medium-sized orange one for decorating our front step. Husband often carves the face, then we pop a candle inside.
Our sheep-owning neighbour checks them for candle wax first, then feeds them into a small machine (like a chaff-cutter) that chops them into pieces.
A neighbouring farmer grows all these weird and wonderful types of pumpkins in rows in his field. People drive up, walk along the rows and choose their pumpkins for Halloween.
I love all this, but have never ever cooked the blooming things! Perhaps I should ask my sister for some recipes (she's a cook of Cordon-bleu standard!)