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28-Jan-20 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: Guitar nails
Subject: RE: Guitar nails
I had acrylics for a few weeks. The first set were fine. Then when it came to in-fills the girl who did it was not well and I suspect was not properly trained. She drilled trenches into my fingernails. You could see pale patches under the false nails - not sure what that was but maybe where the nails were under stress. It me took ages to soak the nails off (which makes me think she was using MMA - which I believe is illegal in the US but not in the UK). It took 4 months for the trenches to grow out - during which time the nails had areas of weakness and regularly split and flaked. I would never get it done again. Mr Google has a lot of horror stories of the damage that can be done.
Having said that I know there are people who have had them for years with no problems - just wanted to sound a note of caution. It was one such friend who persuaded me to try them because he was so happy with his. I agree that they were great for guitar playing, but personally I would rather not gamble, I would rather have short unreliable nails than risk damage in the long term.