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Posted By: lefthanded guitar
29-Jan-20 - 12:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: Pumpkin vs sweet potato pie
Subject: RE: BS: Pumpkin vs sweet potato pie
I'm almost afraid to answer this question b/c when I tried to do so   earlier today , the site suddenly disappeared , taking my rather long post with it. But here goes - I used to like sweet pp only, not pumpkin -ever since a coworker gifted me a home made sweet pp. But in very recent years , I will only eat pumpkin pie , totally lost my prefernce for sweet pp.Dunno why this changed. I have recently , however, gained a greater appreciation for lemon meringue pie, due to the efforts of a quite humble local restaurant which seems to have perfected that recipe.

That said please try the sweet pp - no whip cream necessary on that one, it's sweet enough as is.

And btw. it has long been a personal belief that one of the surest little pleasures and treasures of life, that one can count on to bring a joy both exquisite and comforting in this oft unpredictable seesaw world - is a nice piece of pie.

Enjoy !