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Posted By: harpmolly
21-Feb-01 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: Harry Potter, Official WB Website
Subject: RE: BS: Harry Potter, Official WB Website
Greyeyes...not to go on and on about Pratchett, but I like your idea. I think it would be quite funny to have students read Pratchett's novels back to back with the works they satirize, i.e. Wyrd Sisters/Macbeth, Lords & Ladies/Midsummer Night's Dream (amazing!), or read a collection of fairy tales alongside Witches Abroad (can you tell the Witches books are my favorite? ;)). Have an extra-credit assignment to see how many of P's allusions and in-jokes the students can track down. Rather makes me wish I was an English teacher. *grin*


P.S. Potter For President!