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Posted By: Mr Red
23-Feb-20 - 05:49 AM
Thread Name: Tech: Webmasters - alert to a change (MIME)
Subject: Tech: Webmasters - alert to a change (MIME)
Anyone who has not reviewed their .htm files for a long time might consider looking into "MIME types". I found it when trying to debug JavaScript that has worked flawlessly in the past.

Modern browsers now try to conform to one standard. Backward compatibility is a myth.

In my case <script language=JavaScript type=text/JavaScript src=myprog.js> ....... throws a warning and fails ultimately
Whereas - <script language=JavaScript type=application/JavaScript src=myprog.js> ....... does not throw a warning. One problem solved, I may be sometime with the rest of it!

You may not realise your pages have JavaScript, some of those old apps would throw them in with the click of a button. Dreamweaver eg. Long unchanged pages, and memory fade - do you remember exactly what you did?

A lot of us Folkies have long established webpages for clubs, CDs etc. The world has moved on, techy things particularly.