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Thread Name: Lyr/Chords/Tune Req: Bramble and the Rose (Keith)
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chords/Tune Req: Bramble and the Rose (Keith)
Joe, here is the information as it appears in Sing Out! Vol. 38 No. 4 (Feb./Mar./Apr. 1994), p. 62. It also includes the sheet music, which I can email to you if you would like.

(I will also mentioned if you feel inclined to buy the whole thing it is available here for just $5)

Here's a song that was popularized by Mary McCaslin and Jim Ringer on their 1978 Philo album of the same name, hence, the alternate chorus. We wanted to represent the song as Barbara Keith wrote it, but felt that many people would be more familiar with the chorus as Mary McCaslin sings it. Gene Shay, board member and DJ extraordinaire, was kind enough to provide us with Barbara's original version, but we were unable to locate her. If anyone has information on her whereabouts, please let us know! That original was on Warner Brothers' Reprise label (MS 2087), unfortunately out of print. Mary McCaslin's rendition is still available as a cassette on Philo 1055 (c/o Rounder, 1 Camp St., Cambridge, MA 02140), and the Smith Sisters recorded it recently (on CD 70616 and CS 90616) for Flying Fish. In addition, there are at least six other covers of the song in our collection.

We have been so close together,
Each a candle, each a flame.
All the dangers were outside us,
And we knew them all by name.

Now see how the bramble and the rose
Now love grows like the bramble and the rose
Often cruel, often kind.
Last line of 2nd Chorus:
'Round each other they will wind.
Last line of 3rd Chorus:
'Round each other we will wind.

Now I've hurt you, and it hurts me
Just to see what we can do
To ourselves and to each other
Without really meaning to. CHORUS

So put your arms around me.
Yes, and sing a true love song
One that we can sing together
Just to last a whole life long CHORUS

TAG: (and alternate chorus)
Now love grows like the bramble and the rose
'Round each other we will wind.

Words & Music by Barbara Keith
(C) 1971 EMI Fesit Catalog, Inc.
Reprinted by Permission of CPP/Belwin, Inc., Miami, FL
All Rights Reserved