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Posted By: jofield
22-Feb-01 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: Help: the 'invention' of bluegrass
Subject: RE: Help: the 'invention' of bluegrass
You could say that bluegrass began when Scruggs-style banjo was added to Bill Monroe's band and get no argument from me. But I have always felt that after the Monroe Brothers separated, Bill immediately sought to get more syncopation, and, most importantly, more blues into the old string-band sound. I heard a quote a long time ago from Bill that what he really set out out to do was create a new way of playing the fiddle -- and it's there and in his post-Charlie mandolin playing that the sound gets much bluesier and becomes bluegrass. Yes, there was singing that was pretty dogone high-lonesome by the Blue Sky Boys, the Delmore Brothers, and others, but they were still much closer to the sweet, sentimental Scotch-Irish roots of mountain music. It took Bill to add syncopation and the blues to that and give us the music heard 'round the world.