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Posted By: Jim Dixon
04-Mar-20 - 01:25 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Spanish Flea
Subject: Lyr Add: SPANISH FLEA (Doodletown Pipers)
"Spanish Flea" was made famous by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass as an instrumental recording in 1965. Wikipedia says it was written for Alpert by Julius Wechter, and the song had lyrics by Cissy Wechter. Julius Wechter was a percussionist and a member of the famous Wrecking Crew; he was also the leader of The Baja Marimba Band, which also recorded it as an instrumental, medleyed with other songs.

Here's an early recording with lyrics, which you can hear at YouTube. I don't know for certain that these are the words written by Cissy Wechter, but it seems likely, and they also seem to match the original request in this thread, and the quote from the Simpsons:

As recorded by the Doodletown Pipers on "Sing-Along '67" (1967)

There was a little Spanish flea.
A record star he thought he'd be.
He'd heard of singers like Beatles.
The Chipmunks he'd seen on TV.
Why not a little Spanish flea?

And so he hid
Inside a doggy from Madrid,
Arriving here in the city
Still singing his sweet harmony
As brave as anything could be.

He walked around
As if he owned the town,
Humming his pint-sized melody.
With his guitar
He knew he'd be a star,
And in his own home town how proud they'd be.

Then all at once he met a man
Who said: "I'll help you if I can."
He listened first to his song
Then he sang right along, for you see,
He loved the little Spanish flea.


"You'll be the rage.
I'll put you on the stage
In costumes like you've never worn."
Without a glance,
He knew this was his chance,
As all at once a Spanish star was born.

Oh, when the people heard him play
They all began to shout: "Hooray!"
He was the pride of the nation.
A singing sensation was he,
Though he was just a Spanish flea,
Though he was just a Spanish flea,
Though he was just a Spanish flea.