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Posted By: Jim Dixon
09-Mar-20 - 12:47 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Chiapanecas (trad. Mexico)
Subject: Lyr Add: OH BOY (Allan Sherman)
The humor in this parody comes from repeating the words "Oh, boy!" in many different inflections to indicate varying degrees of boredom, annoyance, despair, appreciation, etc. Sherman never says "Oh, boy" the same way twice. Words sung by backup singers are in parentheses.

Words, Allan Sherman. Tune: "Chiapanecas" a.k.a. "The Hand Clapping Song"
As recorded by Allan Sherman on "My Son, the Folk Singer", 1962.

SPOKEN: This is known as "The Ballad of Oh, Boy".

(We'd like to know what you think.) Oh, boy!
(What's your opinion of mink?) Oh, boy!
(Thunderbirds and Cadillacs) Oh, boy!
(April 15th income tax) Oh, boy!

(Winter in Miami Beach) Oh, boy!
(Itching where you cannot reach) Oh, boy!
(Somebody scratching your itch) Oh, boy!
(Thursday night singing with Mitch) Oh, boy!

(Oh, boy!) Sophia Loren
(Oh, boy!) Chief Justice Warren.
(Oh, boy!) Merrill, Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, Smith, and the whole B'nai B'rith
(Oh, boy!) Sylvia Porter
(Oh, boy!) Barry Goldwarter
(Oh, boy!) Edna St. Vincent Millay and the whole U.J.A. (Oh, boy!)

(Movies with Barton MacLane) Oh, boy!
(Heartburn and other kinds pain) Oh, boy!
(Sir Arthur Conan and Doyle) Both great!
(Diets with safflower oil) Oh, boy!

(What do you think of the twist?) Oh, boy!
(Khrushchev the bald communist) Oh, boy!
(Astronauts like Colonel Glenn) Oh, boy!
(Elizabeth Taylor and men) Oh, boy!

(Oh, boy!) Igor Stravinsky
(Oh, boy!) Bo Belinsky
(Oh, boy!) David Dubinsky and Minsky and Wernher von Braun
(Oh, boy!) Buff'lo Bill Cody
(Oh, boy!) Truman Capote
(Oh, boy!) Newton B. Minow, Knute Rockne, and Olga San Juan! (Oh, boy!)

If things ain't going so nice, (Oh, boy!)
Here is some lovely advice: (Oh, boy!)
Life will be gay and carefree (Oh, boy!)
If you repeat after me.

Oh, boy! (Oh, boy!)
Oh, boy! (Oh, boy!)
Oh, (boy!) Oh, (boy!)
Oh, (boy!) Oh, (boy!)