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Posted By: Donuel
10-Mar-20 - 08:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Subject: RE: BS: Recipes - what are we eating?
Its not a recipe but an adventure

The traditional recipes use uncooked fish, veggies and salsa but instead of heat let seafood soak in Citrus juice overnight which will 'cook' 1/2 inch chunks of any type of seafood you desire. If you use lime juice it may be too limey for your taste. I discard the citrus marinade when the fish is done. Lemon lime may be to your taste and part fresh orange juice is mellow.

My fish selection is often Patagonian shrimp (south atlantic)
Sea scallops, talipia, catfish - all sliced 1/2 inch or less and marinated 24 hours. [I get added flavor if I first *lightly* saute' the fish before marinating]

Dice veggies about 3 times the volume of total seafood;
3-4 tomatos, 3 onions, 3 stoplight peppers but only 1/2 pepper per color (red green yellow) MAYBE you like a smokey chile in there too... deveined clerey 3 stalks,
One or two bottles of your favorite salsa - mild or medium chunky or southwest

Experiment if you dare with small star fruit, kiwi, finger lime or something tropical
Be careful - pinapple takes over

season with regular pepper, Tampico picant sauce or a little bit of old bay and fresh citrus juice to your liking from 3 or 4 fruits, I like to taste the lime.
I don't add salt but let it be your last judgement

It will vary but by day 2 it has a past familiar taste

It will be gone in less than 5 days.

I shy away from cumin cinnamon or oregano but you may discover your own secret ingredient.

Its a real 'wing it' recipe so go as nuts as you dare.
Lets hope you use the biggest bowl you own