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14-Mar-20 - 02:13 PM
Thread Name: songs from taped radio programmes
Subject: RE: songs from taped radio programmes
That's not what my point is. Its if it goes from minor exchanges to commercial bootlegging/pirating. I posted a video on 'Youtube' for a musical friend of a 'lost TOTP' wiped performance, preserved by an early 1970's video recorder owner. This was being circulated on an obscure DVD. Technically I am breaching the BBC's copyright, but its not of normal broadcasting quality. For the purpose of fans, I am undermining the commercial bootleggers, and also the artist themselves wanted it put up - so she could share her historic lost performance on Facebook and her website, even though its only available in Black and White. She wrote the song and it is monetized by her publishers. I have not monetized it, as I have no right to. Home tapers have supplied many lost programmes and songs back to the artists and broadcasters - and are to be commended for that. It's not that, but how they are publicly exchanged and whether commercial use is intended. That's all, it just needed to be stated that if you plan releasing it on CD, it's not as simple as saying I recorded it, I own it.