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Posted By: Donuel
15-Mar-20 - 11:47 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Moth his floor fromer of All BS [annex]
Deep in the foul fetid bowels of Langely an anlyst decided to self isolate at work. Water on the floor was from a restroom accident from an upper floor. Escaped Crickets had colonized the hallway from an abanddoned lab. Craig Kravitski dozed despite his eyes slowly opening and gazing at his computer screen showing virtually no reported cases of virus in Russia while the rest of the globe glowed red.

As it all became clear to Craig his eyes widened and he snapped wide awake. Perhaps Russia is not typically lying but they have an acquired immunity to Covid 19. What product would nearly all Russians consume with a vaccine added over time? VODKA was his first thought. While it might kill the virus, a vaccine would be preserved.

Craig uttered the obvious out loud "They finally weaponized the common cold". How could he prove it? He first looked into any Government interference in the production and export of Vodka.
There it was; all domestic vodka was ordered sent to tax facilities in Klimsk and Adropovd while exports went straight to port since March of 2019. Could there be level 4 vaccine production labs in the same vacinity, before he had the answer he was off like a shot toconfront his boss with this new analysis when he slipped on the wet floor and broke his neck.