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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
15-Mar-20 - 08:43 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness: House, job, life 2019 - 2020

At BF on Thurs, I announced leaving for Beaver. and left. Boom. Forgot a few things but shall survive. Everything in Quebec and most of Ontario is closed down. The Farmers MArket up here cancelled on Fri and the one in Quebec also. Nothing to do and nowhere to go! Long walks on the dirt road would be good - I might. Could make pots if I could get into the studio but a couple feet of frozen snow is beyond me! MAybe in a few more days. It is just about freezing - a little above in the days, a little below at night. Good for the maple syrup production but not melting enough snow.

Water: Melting frozen snow for washing. HAve distilled for drinking and cooking. I can strain the melted ice and distill it. And the 3 rain barrels will provide fairly clean water for washing and, filtered, for distilling.

NEighbour Larry stopped by and we plugged in the pump briefly to find source. Frozen pipe split. Water flew everywhere! We cleaned up and considered the situation. The plumbers left the Bath door ajar rather than shutting it as I requested. That caused the heat to be insufficient. Sent them an email. YEsterday a very knowledgeable friend - "oh no! You didn't use them!" etc. House may dry out by August. I looked out the BR window yesterday and there was a small pond out there. The water had gone down through the cracks in the
floor and created the pond.I have no idea how long the pump was spewing befor4e I got home last Friday! A LOT of water!! (no basement. House is very close to the ground.)

Spring will come eventually. In the meantime: I lived without running water for almost 15 years so...

Gave R instructions on watering plants, AND taking supplements, and eating the food I left in frig.

Son phoned from Whidbey today. They are near Seattle and being VERY careful. We agreed I am safer here than in Quebec - where R continues to go into the city daily. The Province has asked those over 70 to stay home. No TV here and the internet connection is expensive (per each piece I look at)... I have several books. Hundreds actually but not many I really want to read! I may reread a few good ones.

I get to bring in wood and feed the fire. And, with any luck, I will be inspired to get rid of, or at least sort out and organize. Beautiful sunny days are terrific. No tinge of green on the poplars yet. Down near the LAke, there was a tinge on the willows. There was also bare ground!