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Posted By: Donuel
25-Mar-20 - 12:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Bored bored bored
Subject: RE: BS: Bored bored bored
Mrrzy, There are real people on their keyboard, we only seem virtual.

There is a movie with Kirston Dunston where a rogue planet collides with Earth called Melancholia. Most of the movie is about Kirston's deep deep depression prior to the discovery of catacylsmic events. As everyone else eventually becomes depressed Kirston becomes the caretaker for all with such wisdom and compassion that it is amazing.

In my mind Kirston was uniquely psychic but had no conscious recognition of her ability or future events. I have always equated your experience with Kirston. Normally I would never mention such a passing thought but in these days where the grim reaper has returned from holiday with a vengence I don't see any harm done.

Here is how the movie begins...

Having had unique experiences with time it is not odd that I made such a comparison. Its okay to think I am crazy or wise, its just a passing thought.