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Posted By: GUEST,Roderick A.Warner
27-Mar-20 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: songs from taped radio programmes
Subject: RE: songs from taped radio programmes
The argument being that videotape was expensive (at the time) was used by the BBC to wipe most of the Jazz 625 concerts, famously the Albert Ayler band’s inflammatory session at the LSE, the only gig they played in the U.K. Compered by Humphrey Lyttelton, whose familiarly sardonic comments about the gig in one of his books didn’t mention the more abrasive/incomprehending ones he made in private, allegedly. Still, Lyttelton had made the journey from music hall trad to ‘mainstream’ not so long before and ironically a lot of the nastier comments about Ayler’s black revolutionary music, steeped in the church, blues and earlier forms, came from the modern jazz establishment present. Ronnie Scott et al. Dirty beboppers indeed... (A gag for the elderly). So folk was not the only music to suffer eradications. Defending the Banal Broadcasting Company is an odd pose for me but I suspect that the arguments they used re expense were probably accurate, within the terms of their remit, rather than displaying a vendetta against folk and other creative musics. Pissed me off that they wiped stuff I really liked and would love to have a record of, but I don’t think it was a conscious decision so much as incomprehension and cost etc. Ditto folk. Petty, yes, and ironic, given the bloated organisation it was and is...