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Posted By: Mrrzy
28-Mar-20 - 05:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Subject: RE: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Where did my nice note to skarpi go? I was the first to post on this thread (after skarpi that is).

Anyway the virus is here, my kid's sweetie's boss has it and same kid's coworker is out sick with so-far unidentified fever... but kid and sweetie have been declared Essential so they have to keep going to work.

Kid and I had dinner a week ago, so just in case I am self-quarantining for another week. I am fine, though. Bored but neither lonely nor depressed. Which amazes me, frankly.

Looking for complicated recipes... Skarpi, stay well, and thanks for checking.

Oh, yeah: here being Charlottesville, Virginia.

message not deleted, so must have gone missing in transmission. Best of luck to you and yours. ---mudelf