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Posted By: GeoffLawes
29-Mar-20 - 09:46 AM
Thread Name: Music Hall and the Copper repertoire?
Subject: RE: Music Hall and the Copper repertoire?

Armed with Jon Dudley’s list of Copper song’s, the best place to start would be Michael Kilgariff’s book SING US ONE OF THE OLD SONGS <-B> A Guide to Popular Song1860-1920.
I have made a start but there is a shed in my garden that needs more re-building work . I will look back later and see if I can add anything more from my copy of Killgariff which other Mudcatters have not added in my absence. (I got down the list as far as Pimply Pork)

It won’t last very very long,   - sung by Harry Champion 1865-1942
Corduroy -

The Horse the Missus dries the clothes on -
The Golden Dustman- writtenby E. Graham;Le Brun 1897 sung by Gus Elan

M Uncle Jimmy (has got a beautiful ruby tinted nose)
The Old Sow
The Old Dun Cow- sung by Harry Champion 1865-1942

Sweet Genevieve- from poem written by George Cooper;Music Henry Tucker ,1869 sung by Belle Cole, John Mc Cormack, Mohawk Minstrels, Will Oakland, Peerless Quartet.

Are we to part like this Bill?- written by Castling and Charles Collins ,1903. Sung by Kate Carney.

That’s my home -
Mother Macree- written by Rida, Young:Olcott and Ernest R Ball 1910, sung by several and was John McCormack’s theme tune

Long long trail -
Pimply Pork
Old fashioned Mother of Mine
The Old Bull and Bush
Love’s old sweet song
Old Rocking Chair- (That) Old Rocking Chair, written by Osborne , 1902. Sung by Millie Lindon.

The Ship I love
Larboard watch
Oh Gussie
Nellie Dean
Sweetheart May
In the Sun
Maudie St Clare