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Posted By: GeoffLawes
29-Mar-20 - 07:39 PM
Thread Name: Music Hall and the Copper repertoire?
Subject: RE: Music Hall and the Copper repertoire?
I'm back from the shed.Here is Jon Dudley’ list of Copper songs with all I could find in Kilgariff’s book, but I may have missed things.

It won’t last very very long,   - sung by Harry Champion 1865-1942
Corduroy -

The Horse the Missus dries the clothes on -
The Golden Dustman- writtenby E. Graham;Le Brun 1897 sung by Gus Elan

M Uncle Jimmy (has got a beautiful ruby tinted nose)
The Old Sow
The Old Dun Cow- sung by Harry Champion 1865-1942

Sweet Genevieve- from poem written by George Cooper;Music Henry Tucker ,1869 sung by Belle Cole, John Mc Cormack, Mohawk Minstrels, Will Oakland, Peerless Quartet.

Are we to part like this Bill?- written by Castling and Charles Collins ,1903. Sung by Kate Carney.

That’s my home -
Mother Macree- written by Rida, Young:Olcott and Ernest R Ball 1910, sung by several and was John McCormack’s theme tune

Long long trail -
Pimply Pork -
Old fashioned Mother of Mine -
The Old Bull and Bush
Thora written by Weatherly and Adams, 1905. Sung by Joseph Cheetham, Ivor Foster, Ruby Helder, John McCormack
Love’s old sweet song -written by Bingham and Molloy. 1884.Sung by Clara Butt, Antoinette Sterling
Old Rocking Chair- (That) Old Rocking Chair, written by Osborne , 1902. Sung by Millie Lindon.

The Ship I love -Written by McGlennon 1898. Sung by Tom Costello
Larboard watch -sung by John Harrison, written by Radford
Oh Gussie -
Nellie Dean – written by Billy Clarke and Harry Armstrong. 1905 Sung by Gertie Gitana
Sweetheart May -written by Stuart. 1894.Sung by Vesta Tilley.
In the Sun -
Maudie St Clare -