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Posted By: Ebbie
29-Mar-20 - 11:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Subject: RE: BS: Check in Mudcatters world wide
Here in Juneau, Alaska, population about 31000, we reportedly have 5 cases of confirmed with either one or two deaths, depending upon whom one believes. Alaska itself, has of today 102 confirmed cases, the preponderance grouped around military bases.

I live in a complex of about 65 persons, most of us over age 65, and so far as I know, no one is currently ill. It appears that most of us are staying home- when I take my little dog out 3 or 4 times a day I rarely see anyone. I spend my days drawing portraits and landscapes, listening to music and watching TV. I would like to tune in political news just once or twice a day but so far I don't have that much self control.

I have to keep reminding myself of the fact that previous generations' lives have been far more constrained than mine currently is. There is one delicious moment in the day- when I first awake and have not yet been slammed with the knowledge of the day.

Hi Skarpi! I love knowing that I have a friend in Iceland, and a very talented one at that.