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Posted By: RoyH (Burl)
23-Feb-01 - 03:40 PM
Thread Name: Warner field recordings on CD
Subject: RE: Warner field recordings on CD
Having been so thrilled by repeated playings of Vol.1 of the Warner tapes I can't wait to get my hands on Vol.2. As for the book,I love it. I got my copy in 1985, since when I have recommended it to everyone I know who professes an interest in traditional music. My reasons for doing so go beyond the inclusion of so many beautiful songs. The Warner book stands out for it's sterling descriptions of the people who gave the songs, and for the obvious affection and respect the Warner's held for those people, their music, and their way of life. They tell their story with loving pride, an approach that makes this a book that would be valuable EVEN WITHOUT the songs, for the lessons it's text and photographs have to teach us. This is not a book made by people who look upon songs as 'material' and singers as 'informants'. The Warners hearts beat from every page. Now, with the CD's we have the voices to flesh out those exemplary chapters. Go get 'em. And Go To That Concert Too! It will be brilliant. While I'm doling out recommendations - If you live within the NY Pinewoods FMC catchment area and you're not a member - sign up immediately! It's your passport to great music, great programmes, great people, and one of the finest resources in the American folk revival today. Only a fool would miss out.