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Posted By: Jim Carroll
23-Apr-20 - 01:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Subject: RE: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
A seedy travelling circus had only one thing going for it, a magnificent caged gorrilla which terrifir=ed the customers by beating its chest roaring loudly ans swinging around the cage - the locals used to queue to see it wharever it went
One morning the keeper came to feed him to find him hunched in the of the cage refusing to eat, or even move
The owner, in a panic, sent for the nearest vet, who came and examined the pathetic creature
"Well" he said, "there appears to be nothing physically wrong with him; I suspect he's suffering from the lack of a mate
The owner is beside himself with worry but is struck by an idea - he sends to the nearest town to see if he can hire a gorilla suit and find somebody down on his luck enough to to go in the cage and pretend to be a female gorilla
The gofer, after a long gap, returns with both
The owner explains the job and makes him an offer he can't refuse, promising so have men standing by with nets and equipment to keep him from harm should anything go wrong
Reluctantly, tha man enters the cage - at first the beat inores him, then slowly comes over and sniffs he, feels him up and places a huge arm around his disguised shoulders
The man stand stock still at first, then begins to scream, "take it off, take it off"
The team leap into the cage and begin to fend the animal off
"No, no", says the man, "take the head off - I want to give it a kiss"