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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Apr-20 - 03:00 AM
Thread Name: Irish Civil War executions
Subject: RE: Irish Civil War executions
One of the things I've discovered during our thirty-odd years collecting in Clare is that quite often there is more information to be had on this type of incident from local people and descendants than is availably in the official records
I've become involved in researching West Clare social history, particularly about the Land Wars, the Cattle Raids and later, The War of independence - our local shopkeeper, a shoemaker, a general do-everything and several publicans have proved more useful than a library full of books
I'd ask the feller/lady with the flowers if it was me
Another source is mostly ignores many-hundreds of locally made songs
An old singer told us recently that "In those days, if a man farted in church, somebody made a song about it" - that has turned out not to have been an exaggeration
Many of these songs stopped being sung, but some remained as memories and in family notebooks, as we have found out

I find it fascinating that, despite laws saying that State papers should be opened to pubic research after a given period, we still have no ideas how the decision to execute the sixteen leaders of the Easter Week Uprising was reached

Ironically, like the Famine, for a long time, the best book on The Irish Civil War was written by a non-Irish writer (Carlton Younger)
Maybe,(also like the Famine) the anniversary will change that, though, with of The Famine that took 150 years
Jim Carroll