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Posted By: Jim Carroll
24-Apr-20 - 03:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
Subject: RE: BS: Only Joke Thread You'll Need for 2020
A young seminarian about to become a priest is walking around the extensive ground of the seminary; as he climbs a stile, he slips and falls face down in the mud
He looks down at hi ruined clothes and says, "Fuck!", thinks about it and says, "Shit, I said fuck", then "Fuck, I said shit" and finally "Bollocks, I didn't want to be a priest anyway"   

A young monk joins a chapter that has taken a vow of silence - they are allowed only to chant "Good morning", each morning and "good evening" each evening
After the first week he has been driven demented by the monotony so on the following Monday he decides to ring the changes; as everybody chants "Good morning", he sings out "Good evening"
There is a horrified silence, then a small voice from the back of the hall sings out "Some cunt chanted evening"